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2014-12-23 22:37:25
A wreck of the bomber Douglas A-20 already on the surface

The lifting and extraction action to the surface of an aircraft's wreck from the second World War was a success. US production bomber probably...

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2015-06-28 14:02:31
2015-04-21 13:06:55
2014-12-23 22:34:43
Divers discovered in Baltic Sea a wreck of a warship from 1914 .

Well known to our readers Badewanne Finnish divers group found and correctly identified a wreck of the Russian warship from the time of the First...

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2014-12-23 22:29:15
Tomasz Stachura as the third Pole with the cover in a foreign Edition of National Geographic.

To all well-known mosaic of the Swedish wreck "Mars", made by Tomasz Stachura, appeared on the covers of foreign editions of National Geographic...

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Torpedoboot T5 (identification)

2014-06-26 21:24

In May 2014 Baltictech divers team during routine dive on the wreck previously known as Torpedoboot T3 found ship's bell with T5 marking. This means that previous identification was wrong and wreck known as T3 is actually Torpedoboot T5.
Wreck lies on starboard side with part of the stern missing and more than half of the deck covered by sand and sediments. Depth on bottom is 66m.