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2014-12-23 22:37:25
A wreck of the bomber Douglas A-20 already on the surface

The lifting and extraction action to the surface of an aircraft's wreck from the second World War was a success. US production bomber probably...

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2015-06-28 14:02:31
2015-04-21 13:06:55
2014-12-23 22:34:43
Divers discovered in Baltic Sea a wreck of a warship from 1914 .

Well known to our readers Badewanne Finnish divers group found and correctly identified a wreck of the Russian warship from the time of the First...

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2014-12-23 22:29:15
Tomasz Stachura as the third Pole with the cover in a foreign Edition of National Geographic.

To all well-known mosaic of the Swedish wreck "Mars", made by Tomasz Stachura, appeared on the covers of foreign editions of National Geographic...

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Highest marked wrecks

Our members highly-graded following wrecks:

no Wreck rating
1 Franken
2 Graf Zeppelin
3 Terra
4 West Star
5 Goya

Highest marked

Our members highly-graded following vessels:

no Vessel rating
1 Litoral
2 Saracen
3 Rib Explorer
4 W-Test 1
5 Pantera


Terms of diving in the Gulf of Gdansk and the Baltic Sea

Dive Permissions:

  • In diving you can only take divers who have the diving power corresponding to the depth of the wreck, on which is organized diving.
    Always have a diving certificate prepared for review by the organizer or dive master diving unit.

Diving equipment:

If a diving trip does not specify that, you should have a personal diving equipment with an appropriate amount of lead and number of cylinders to the cruise. (we often sail two or three dives without the possibility of recharging the cylinder during the cruise)
Here are some tips which should be considered before the dive:

Diving regulator :

  • For diving to 20 meters there ist acceptable any kind of a diving regulator with an Octopus.
  • By diving below 20 m we recommend two independent regulators connected to a single cylinder with two valves or two independent cylinders type "twinset".
    Diving below 20m due to the cold water and the danger of freezing of the regulator should be doubled.

Diving cylinders:

  • For diving up to max. 20 meters deep it is allowed a single cylinder of about 12L
  • For diving in the range of 20-35m depth the diver should have minimum a single cylinder in size of 15L.
  • For diving in the range of 35-45m depth we recommend a set of two cylinders of min. 2x10L or more.
  • For diving in the range of 45-60m depth there are required sets minimum 2x12L

Types of diving gases:

  • For diving below 20m it is acceptable to use air or nitrox (required Nitrox diver certificate)
  • For diving below 40m - recommendation TMX

    Diving suit:
  • In case of not decompression dives we recommend a two pieces diving suit min 5+7mm with a hood.
  • In case of decompression dives is required a dry suit with an proper warmer.
    The water temperature at the bottom can vary even in the vicinity of 4 ° C, regardless of the season.
    It is worth to be dressed warmly under the water.


  • Diving on the wreck you should have at least one device for cutting
  • For diving below 15m is often useful a diving flashlight
  • Each diver should have a signalling buoy with a reel or spool

Other rules:

  • Sign up for a dive can only persons who are registered in the system wrakibaltyku.pl
    Create your own profile and sign up freely for interesting for you trips.
  • There are only two ways of registering two or more people in a single application.
    -You Can specify the number of additional people in the comments waiting for individual confirmation of the skipper / organizer or by group bookings you can use an option For Groups for saving all interested persons.


  • We do not accept solo dives! If during the discussion you won't have a pair, you will be assigned by the organizer or the diving skipper.
  • In case of dives with a diving guide you will incure additional costs determined by the organizer.
    Please make enquiries concerning the charges.
  • We reserve the right to change the dive plans and their overall appeal due to eg. weather conditions or random accidents of organizer or a dive boat.
  • On cruises from Władysławowo, Kołobrzeg, Darłówek, Łeba or Ustka is often required proof of identity.