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I would like to mention that until today visit us a few, but wonderful guests of my grandmother. A very touching moment for me was a visit in my restaurant of two older men, who, as it turned out, knew my great-grandparents, and they mentioned them with a tear in the eye. For me it was amazing that many years ago, they were hosted in this house, and the fact, that the great-granddaughter continues the work already begun, filled them with awe.



2014-12-23 22:37:25
A wreck of the bomber Douglas A-20 already on the surface

The lifting and extraction action to the surface of an aircraft's wreck from the second World War was a success. US production bomber probably...

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2015-06-28 14:02:31
2015-04-21 13:06:55
2014-12-23 22:34:43
Divers discovered in Baltic Sea a wreck of a warship from 1914 .

Well known to our readers Badewanne Finnish divers group found and correctly identified a wreck of the Russian warship from the time of the First...

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2014-12-23 22:29:15
Tomasz Stachura as the third Pole with the cover in a foreign Edition of National Geographic.

To all well-known mosaic of the Swedish wreck "Mars", made by Tomasz Stachura, appeared on the covers of foreign editions of National Geographic...

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Willa Klara

54° 42' 7" N , 18° 40' 14" E

guest rooms

My great-grandparents belonged to special people, even until today day they are kindly remembered by inhabitants of Jastarnia. It happens that standing over their grave approach me older people asking if I knew Witkowski ... Then I hear the words, "they were really good people" ... and then I smile, it gladdens my heart, because I know it ...

My grandmother was such a good woman that helped everyone and children of Jastarnia were going after school to my grandma for a dinner instead going home, and even the postman could never get out of her home hungry. My aunt Agneska, who worked for many years in the shop Społem accommodating in the front of the grandmother's house, every day was summoned to dinner by tapping with the broom in the dado. Neighbors came every day with small churns for a fresh soup.

I remember my grandma's friends from the neighborhood, Aunt Romana, Aunt Mica and Mrs Dziunia, all lived in peace and harmony, and it was beautiful ...

I spent in this house a wonderful childhood, helping my grandmother with the daily work, and at 9 a.m. always woke me a signal "Lato z Radiem" (summer with the radio) coming from the kitchen. Then I ran to the kitchen to help my beloved grandmother who worked very hard until the last moments of her life, and she could not imagine that anyone else could cook for her guests. I remember a beautiful smell of a real dill from her own garden, and the world's best cabbage rolls and the marvelous tomato soup. I learned everything from my grandmother, beginning from distinguishing vegetables in her garden. I also remember how instead of the dill I picked carrot tops and everyone laughed at me. She taught me how to set the table and politely serve the customer. Looking at her hard work and passion for the kitchen, I was very proud of her and even more I loved her for it. Today I would give a lot to be able to feel for a while as I used to ...

Despite the fact that my grandparents had a very hard life, lost four beloved children, they were able to give happiness and joy to others and treated all the children of the neighborhood as their own.

My great-grandfather Stefan Witkowski was someone special in my life and was my great authority. He taught me that in life you have to be strong, tenacious and courageous. For him nothing was impossible. I could write a lot about him, because he was a great man, not only for me as a small child , but for the whole of our nation. Taking part in the Silesian uprisings and the Greater Poland Uprising, as well as fighting against the Bolsheviks during the First World War he contributed to regain the independence of Poland. For his services he received numerous awards and had been honored with the highest award, the Cross of Virtuti Militari. He was a great patriot ready to give his lives for his country. Everyone respected and admired him. Everyone was coming to him with their problems, which he always solved. Grandma showed me a beautiful red cases with grandfather's medals that aroused admiration in my eyes.

I was and I am proud that I have such a wonderful and noble grandparents. Today as an adult woman I long for those days. My great-grandparents made, that I fell in love with this place so much and I'm still here, where once I was, as a little girl.

We inform that in full season we only offer rooms with breakfast, and the length of stay in our villa in this period is minimum 7 days. The exception will be gaps between bookings.




05.05 – 18.06

23.06 - 28.06

01.09 - 21.09


28.06 - 31.08


Double room

160 PLN

240 PLN

180 PLN

Double room with a extra bed

190 PLN

270 PLN

210 PLN

Studio max.4 persons

210 - 230 PLN

300 - 330 PLN

240 - 270 PLN

Apartment max.5 persons

300 - 320 PLN

430 - 450 PLN

360 - 380 PLN




05.05 – 18.06

23.06 - 28.06

22.09 - 30.04


Double room

120 PLN

100 PLN

100 PLN

Double room with a extra bed

140 PLN

120 PLN

100 PLN

Studio max.4 persons

160 - 180 PLN

120 – 140 PLN

120 – 140 PLN

Apartament max.5 persons

230 - 250 PLN

200 – 220 PLN

   200 – 220 PLN

   min. 10 days

We also offer You lunches or dinners in the price of 27 zł / adult and 20 zł / child under 12 years. For our guests we have prepared a special menu, giving the possibility of individual choice of dishes. The price of the dinner includes soup, main dish, buffet with salads (the customer puts on by themselves) and drink.

More details on http://www.nr1jastarnia.pl/

Sylwia Musiał
ul.Ks.Sychty 151
84-140 Jastarnia
tel. 668-124-661

E-mail: fregatajastarnia@op.pl


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