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Cargo ship powered by motor engine, lies on the depth of 65m north of Władysławowo. It sinked on the 1 November 1942 around 19:15 after torpedoed by a Russian submarine Szcz-406 which was directed by a second rang Captain Jewgienij Jakowlewicz Osipow.


2014-12-23 22:37:25
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55° 14' 0" N , 18° 12' 0" E

2015-02-19 22:23

Depth above the wreck: 65m

Depth at the bottom: 65m

Wreck attractivity:
Wreck condition:

Diving on the wreck requires special permission issued by the organizer diving Maritime Authority.

źródło: Sebastian Popek; www.balticwrecks.com

Cargo ship powered by motor engine which was built in 1912 at "Rotterdam Droogdok Maats" for "Solleveld van der Meer of Rotterdam".

1918 Taken by the USA and incarnated to U.S. Shipping Board
1919 It came back to Solleveld van der Meer
1922 Bought by the Clydesdale Navigation Co. Ltd. (George Nisbet & Co.), with new name "BLAIRLOGIE".
1936 Bought by the Mariehamns Rederi AB, Finland and named "AGNES"
1940 Taken over by the Germans
1942 Torpedoed by a Russian submarine and sinked.

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source www.balticwrecks.com / Autor: Sebastian Popek

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